Holiday Apartments

If you are visiting Stoupa and looking for a spacious accommodation, in a good location, with the comfort of home and an affordable price, then you should consider ‘Vasiliki’ holiday apartments.

Here you will find all the necessary information for making a reservation.

Thank you for considering us and we hope to meet you in person!

Why Stoupa?

Stoupa is a seaside village in the Messinian Mani, 45 kilometers southeast of Kalamata in the southern Peloponnese. The Messinian Bay lays on the west and you can enjoy its clear and calm waters in the three beaches of the village. These three, combined with the others on the coast of the wider area, can satisfy every taste, from organised and vibrant to quiet and remote.

You can walk or run on ‘Katergo’, hike ‘Kastraki’, rent a pedal boat and enter ‘Tourkospilia’, take your car and visit the villages on the mountain of Taigetos or go for day trip to Diros caves and Vathia, ancient Messini and Mistras.

There are many restaurants and cafes on the seaside road of the village. You will also find ATMs, private medical office, pharmacy, gift shops and two super markets with a wide variety of products. Also, in the neighboring villages you can find bank, health center, post office, car repair and specialized retail shops, while Kalamata, which is about one hour drive away, can satisfy every other need. 

You can reach Stoupa through Kalamata, either by driving towards Aeropoli or riding the bus to Oitilo from the bus stop in Kalamata.

Why us?



We are located in a distance of 3 minutes walking from the beaches of Stoupa and Halikura and about 10 minutes from Kalogria beach. You will rarely need to drive your car. Also, close to us you will find ‘Kastraki’ and the beginning of ‘Katergo’, a seaside road, almost 3 kilometers long that connects Stoupa with Agios Nikolaos.


Our main objective is for you to feel comfortable during your stay. Thus, you will find in every apartment facilities such as air conditioning, wifi and fully equipped kitchen, as well as some extras such as free calls to fixed line telephones all over Greece and a safe deposit. Also, upon request you can have iron with ironing board and travel cot.


What we consider as the most important aspect is the cleanliness of your apartment. Thus, our main concerns is that you enter in an apartment as clean as it takes to feel as cosy as your house. Also, we clean your apartment often during your stay and you will also find broom and mop so you can clean up whenever you feel so.


Your stay in our apartments will be affordable as our prices are really competitive. Don’t forget the money you will save by using the kitchen and leaving your car parked.

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